Aligne an object along a path without deforming the object

Bug #168787 reported by Lynx31 on 2007-07-27
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I would like to be able to aligne an object along a path but the object
shoud not be deformed, only aligned with its center on the path and
repeated in some distance, or made not to overlap with the one before.
"Object along path" effect is nearly it but it is deforming the objects:(

prkos (prkos) wrote :

Im not sure I fully understand your request but it sounds like the feature of adding markers to path nodes.

Read about it here:

In the latest development build you can draw an object and "convert" it to a marker using Object > Objects to Marker. You will see your object appear in the Stroke style dialog from where you can put it along a path of your choice.

Changed in inkscape:
status: New → Incomplete

I wish I could attach objects or a group of objects to a path and flex it around just like I can with text. Can I do that with markers, will retaining the objects' colours?

will = while

prkos (prkos) wrote :

username132 markers converted from objects will retain their color.

But markers will not bend (flex) to the path. If you want your object to bend you need to use Pattern along Path effect. Using that effect won't preserve the object style (colors...) but you can always use Paste Style on it from the original object. Copy the original object, then select the modified one (without the style) and choose Edit > Paste Style.

jfb (jf-barraud) wrote :

Markers will do it, with some limitation: they are added at control points only, so it is hard to get evenly distributed copies of your pattern.

I hope LivePathEffects will do that soon (it should not be hard to implement thanks to Johan excellent work!)
However, I just commited an extention derived from pattern-along-path that does what you want: see

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