Comment 1 for bug 168708

In fact, this is *not* a duplicate of bug #168434: The other bug report is about lossless raster images stored in PDF files without compression. That issue was fairly easy to fix and has been fixed by switching to Cairo PDF export.

This bug, however is about embedded *JPG* raster images. As of now, Inkscape decompresses these images and saves embeds them in a lossless format.

AFAIK, Cairo does not yet offer any mechanism to handle raw JPG data and avoid recompression with loss of quality. (see long thread starting with That means, Inkscape cannot really solve this issue either. Therefore, this bug should be considered "on hold" until Cairo has resolved the issue on their side.

Proposed "solutions" like offering an option for the compression level in jpg images embedded in exported PDF are not satisfactory as they still do not avoid the unnecessary recompression.