Comment 2 for bug 166725

prkos (prkos) wrote :

Im using the build from 14th Dec and the bug is still there

Im attaching the file in question: Units.svg

This is the control .png
This is what it looks like in Inkscape

This example can be found here
The three rectangles on the right demonstrate the use of percentages. Note that the width and height of the viewport in the user coordinate system for the viewport element (in this case, the outermost 'svg' element) are 4000 and 2000, respectively, because processing the viewBox attribute results in a transformed user coordinate system. The topmost rectangle, which is specified in percentage units, is exactly the same size as the middle rectangle, which is specified in equivalent user units. In particular, note that the 'stroke-width' property in the middle rectangle is set to 1% of the sqrt((actual-width)**2 + (actual-height)**2)) / sqrt(2), which in this case is .01*sqrt(4000*4000+2000*2000)/sqrt(2), or 31.62. The bottom rectangle of the group illustrates what happens when values specified in percentage units are scaled.

Might be interesting to note that Firefox displays the third column correctly, but not middle column (em).