Comment 23 for bug 1659229

Jack Underwood (ocean-wolf) wrote :

In reply to the png image of comment #21, I find the text much improved, apart from the last radio button which reads like gobbledegook:

"The accuracy of the physical unit size and position values of objects in the file is most important."

did you mean something like:
"The precise physical (printed) location of objects within this file is most important."

Also with the previous option, do clips, masks, filters, clones, etcetera fall into a category? Saying "such as" indicates that the elements you describe next are just examples, so it would feel nice to have this tidied up into a simple adjective like "effect elements such as...". As there exists only a finite number of these elements, can't the dialog auto-detect whether such elements exist within the file and tailor the message accordingly, i.e. leave out this option if the user doesn't have any of these elements within the file?