Comment 20 for bug 1651815

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

su_v> I'm disappointed that the legacy files in the examples folder have been modified, and how.

I'm not sure I understand correctly. Do you mean that the change broke the old files?

On the "how", they were just rescaled with the rescale dialog. But of course I can rollback and commit the old files with the same change I applied to the tutorials (setting inkscape:version to 0.92).

Apart from the example folder, the rescale dialog also opens for the following files:
 - share/patterns/patterns.svg
 - share/icons/*.svg
 - share/branding/*.svg
 - share/filters/filters.svg
 - share/extensions/test/svg/multilayered-test.svg
 - share/extensions/seamless_pattern.svg
 - share/extensions/jessyInk_video.svg

We can just change the version for everything, since it seems to be the less harmful modification. But maybe there are some cases were we *need* to rescale?

I have no strong opinion, so suggestions are welcome.