Crash on launch after install with Homebrew

Bug #1546219 reported by sparr on 2016-02-16
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Bug Description

I installed Inkscape 0.91 using Homebrew and it crashes when I try to launch it.

here's the output of `homebrew info`
homebrew/gui/inkscape: stable 0.91 (bottled), HEAD
A professional vector graphics editor
/usr/local/Cellar/inkscape/0.91_3 (964 files, 99.2M) *
  Poured from bottle
==> Dependencies
Build: boost-build ✘, intltool ✘, pkg-config ✔
Required: bdw-gc ✔, boost ✔, cairomm ✔, gettext ✔, glibmm ✔, gsl ✔, gtkmm ✔, hicolor-icon-theme ✔, little-cms ✔, pango ✔, popt ✔
Optional: poppler ✘
==> Options
 Build with poppler support
 Install HEAD version

here's the console output:
2016-02-16 09:26:47.936 inkscape[1501:3239033] *** WARNING: Method userSpaceScaleFactor in class NSView is deprecated on 10.7 and later. It should not be used in new applications. Use convertRectToBacking: instead.
Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

Emergency save activated!
Emergency save completed. Inkscape will close now.
If you can reproduce this crash, please file a bug at
with a detailed description of the steps leading to the crash, so we can fix it.

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ChannelsAction: missing action ChannelsAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ThresholdAction: missing action ThresholdAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: OffsetAction: missing action OffsetAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: PaintbucketUnitsAction: missing action PaintbucketUnitsAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: AutoGapAction: missing action AutoGapAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: PaintbucketResetAction: missing action PaintbucketResetAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientNewTypeAction: missing action GradientNewTypeAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientNewFillStrokeAction: missing action GradientNewFillStrokeAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientSelectGradientAction: missing action GradientSelectGradientAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditLinkAction: missing action GradientEditLinkAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditReverseAction: missing action GradientEditReverseAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientSelectRepeatAction: missing action GradientSelectRepeatAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditStopsAction: missing action GradientEditStopsAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditOffsetAction: missing action GradientEditOffsetAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditAddAction: missing action GradientEditAddAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: GradientEditDeleteAction: missing action GradientEditDeleteAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: MeshNewTypeAction: missing action MeshNewTypeAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: MeshNewFillStrokeAction: missing action MeshNewFillStrokeAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: MeshRowAction: missing action MeshRowAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: MeshColumnAction: missing action MeshColumnAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: DropperOpacityAction: missing action DropperOpacityAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: DropperPickAlphaAction: missing action DropperPickAlphaAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: DropperSetAlphaAction: missing action DropperSetAlphaAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorAvoidAction: missing action ConnectorAvoidAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorIgnoreAction: missing action ConnectorIgnoreAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorOrthogonalAction: missing action ConnectorOrthogonalAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorCurvatureAction: missing action ConnectorCurvatureAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorSpacingAction: missing action ConnectorSpacingAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorGraphAction: missing action ConnectorGraphAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorLengthAction: missing action ConnectorLengthAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorDirectedAction: missing action ConnectorDirectedAction

(inkscape:1501): Gtk-WARNING **: ConnectorOverlapAction: missing action ConnectorOverlapAction
Segmentation fault: 11

I'll be attaching the OSX crash log

sparr (sparr0) wrote :
DeMO (devinmobrien98) on 2016-02-17
tags: added: gtk-osx
DeMO (devinmobrien98) wrote :

I found something that may be of interest.

david.sean (david-sean) wrote :

Had the same issue, ran:
brew reinstall --build-from-source fontconfig
from the linked related issue and it now works.
Interestingly, I have homebrew installed in the standard path /usr/local

su_v (suv-lp) on 2016-05-27
tags: added: crash fonts
removed: gtk-osx
su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

AFAIU mostly a downstream (packaging) issue: no fonts at all available via fontconfig for Inkscape due to broken installation of fontconfig (missing config file for fontconfig).

Can be reproduced in by pointing fontconfig intentionally to a non-existent config file using the environment variable $FONTCONFIG_FILE (AFAIU not specific to homebrew, nor to building inkscape on OS X (with or without X11): I recall seen similar reports e.g. from archlinux users on irc).

Backtrace with latest trunk (r14918) attached:

Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.
Reason: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at address: 0x0000000000000098
0x00000001006f972d in font_factory::Face (this=0x116bf5470, descr=0x1137fbd80, canFail=false) at FontFactory.cpp:682
682 PangoOTInfo* info = pango_ot_info_get( res->theFace );

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