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Bug #1542968 reported by Mel on 2016-02-08
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Doing copy & paste from one Inkscape svg doc to another is resulting in strange behaviors. It doesn’t matter if I am copying and pasting text or drawn objects, or imported jpgs or pngs, they all are doing the similar things. First, they paste in the document a lot smaller than they are in the original file. They also will ungroup, unclip, unmask, or opacity will go back to 100% if it was set lower. And if it is text (not flowed), the text will be a lot smaller and it is converted to object paths…each letter will be an object vs. text.

It doesn’t matter if I am using Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V or if I right click and chose from the menu Copy and then Paste. And I try not to put too much on the clipboard at one time to copy and paste, but even if I do just one simple object, it won’t paste correctly.

And sometimes after I hit Ctrl-V or “Paste" from the menu, I get a message at the bottom toolbar that says, “Nothing on the clipboard”, but I know I did copy the object. I don't get that message every time when it doesn’t work though.

I sometimes can get it to work right if I keep trying over and over again, or it will do it the first try but then when I go to do it again for another object, it won’t work again. So it is a bit random, but more times than not it doesn’t work. I never had this issue with previous versions of Inkscape, it has only been happening since I upgraded to V.0.91. Since I need to copy and paste things on a regular basis between my Inkscape svg documents, this has become rather problematic for me and I thought I'd report it and see if this can't be looked into.

My operating system is Windows 7 Professional, SP1

Thank you!

Brynn (brynn4inks) wrote :

FYI, this started as a topic on and these problems are nothing I've ever seen before.

A couple of sample files were provided in the thread, so I'll attach here.

Thanks :-)

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

On 2016-02-08 04:15 (+0100), Mel wrote:
> My operating system is Windows 7 Professional, SP1

Please add details about the installer used for Inkscape 0.91 (32bit or 64bit?) to the bug description, thank you.

Overall, the description reads as if on your system the clipboard content is forced to export/import as EMF files (possibly a custom clipboard manager or third-party application interfering?).

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Mel (mel47) wrote :

Thanks Brynn for attaching the files...just came in here today to do that.

~suv, to my knowledge I believe it is a 32 bit file, but I don't see where to find that info on the file properties. My operating system is 32 bit. I also am including further info found on the properties of the installer file in case you need to see that too.

Inkscape Installer 0.91

Revision Number: {709925A7-B26F-4297-9213-A4D88BB85AF3}

Windows Installer XML Toolset 3.9.1208.0

File Name: Inkscape-0.91.msi

Installed on 6/17/2015

How can you tell it is importing/exporting as an EMF file? (could be just a guess on your part based on the info I provided?) I don't use a custom clipboard manager - don't even know how to do that. What type of third-party application could be interfering? I don't use any additional programs or software connected to Inkscape in any way.

su_v (suv-lp) on 2016-02-12
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Phil Nau (philnau) wrote :

I downloaded and installed v0.91 (32-bit version) on a Windows Vista system about a month ago. I have encountered a problem similar to the one stated above, when copying a text object from one Inkscape instance to another. I would expect that selecting a text object, followed by CTRL-C (from instance 1) then CTRL-V (to instance 2) would maintain the text object's properties (e.g., font size/style, etc). What appears to be happening, in a somewhat random way is that the object's properties are lost, and the paste results in each text letter copied separately (a message at the bottom of the Inkscape IDE reads something like "12 objects selected of type Path in layer XYZ."). This happens roughly half of the time, the copy/paste works just fine otherwise. What's baffling is that whatever actions I take don't seem to affect the random result (using CTRL-D to copy properties, placing the cursor in different positions in instance 2, grouping the characters, etc., etc.).

I don't have any third party clipboard installed, or use any Inkscape add-ons or related products.

Phil Nau (philnau) wrote :

Update to the comment I made back in July: I discovered that when I hit CTRL-C twice on the instance 1 text object, the paste to instance 2 works correctly *MOST* of the time (90% or more). In other words the pasted object retains all the properties of the original object, as I would expect.

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