Comment 10 for bug 1288401

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

> This isn't the right fix. if the texts need to be escaped, they should be escaped where they are consumed by gtk labels and not before.

I hesitated too, but escaping in selection-describer.cpp:167 would escape valid tags that (if I understand correctly) should not be escaped when passed to the message context. eg, line 178:

                _context.setF(Inkscape::NORMAL_MESSAGE, "%s%s. %s. %s.",
                              item_desc, in_phrase,
                              _("Use <b>Shift+D</b> to look up original"), _when_selected);

with item_desc escaped as "&lt;b&gt;Symbol&lt;/b&gt; called Accident &amp; Emergency".

I've tested it on Crunchbang Waldorf, and it even crashes the application...

Note that I know close to nothing on the message context. There must be some magic that could solve the issue elegantly.