Comment 1 for bug 1196761

h-h-h (h-h-h) wrote :

I use a 4K monitor in portrait mode with 200 % DPI scaling. I have to run Inkscape in upscaled mode (the way it starts by default), that is, every logical pixel is displayed as 4 device pixels. When I turn the upscaling off in the properties dialog of inkscape.exe, the application starts and shows a few display errors in the document area and black rectangles in tool windows (may vary, but black rectangles have an important role). Sometimes, it doesn't crash right away, so I may need to try showing a menu from the menubar, but the only thing that's displayed is the menu's shadow. I may need to switch around to try to show one of the other menus. Then, Inkscape just disappears, that is, crashes.

OS: Windows 10
Inkscape version: Inkscape 0.91 r13725