Comment 5 for bug 1126472

JazzyNico got it right. I now see that 50 DPI is a lower limit.

I cannot see any reason having such low limit. I often deals with drawings that having size in meters (some houndred cm in both directions). Exporting those drawings with 50 DPI will create pictures that has very large dimensions.
Having pictures that measures some hundreds mpx is not very handy to open on this very old machine wich has only 512 MB RAM. However, exporting with DPI 50 or higher works just fine.

I did a very important observation on this old low-spec machine. When I first saved as Jessy-ink zip with 76 dpi, The zip file just wasn't created, aparently. I did save the file (as jassy-ink zip) three times with just slightly different dpi value and could still not observe that any file was created as I expected.
However, after restarting the computer, the jessy-ink zip file was present in the folder where I choosed it to be created.
I use the term "very important" because a user may expect loss of data, and I also expect that if Windows goes in BSOD, that will cause windows to never create the file.

I guess this is an XP issue with files that is written, but for some reason isn't properly created on file system before log off.