Comment 3 for bug 1124207

Duarte Ramos (duarte-framos) wrote :

Thanks for the quick response.
Tested again with the same mentioned version inkscape_r12119-201302120630 but now at home on my Windows 7 64 bits machine with 16Gb of Ram (unlikely to be a lack of memory problem) and came to the conclusion that it is definitely related to window size, or viewable rendered viewport area.

I have two Dell monitors each at 2560x1600, I can zoom in without crash with a small window size, or if the window not maximized (smaller viewable area) if afterwards I maximize the window with the drawing already zoomed in Inkscape still behaves, but if I start panning around some screen tearing starts to happen in viewport, and black or white stripes start to appear as if rendering is failing partially, before the actual crash occurs.
I also noticed that even though this Inkscape version feels generally snappier and faster to render than 1.48.4, this particular file at high zoom levels seems quite sluggish when compared.

Attached screenshot shows two Inkscape windows opened with the same file originally attached to the bug report, one is not maximizes and handles the file with larger zoom level without much trouble, the one on the background has crashed, with the black Window (Which sometimes will show something like "The application as encountered an error and will now close"), the windows crash report, and the failed render (all the white areas) and some screen tearing, like missing patches of drawing