Comment 12 for bug 1089406

insaner (insaner) wrote :

alright, this seems to fix the "jumping" problem.. however im aware its not the perfect fix, i just cant seem to find how to call "update_filters" from the filters.cpp file, or to set the label properly when the filter is added, which would be the best fix of all..

also, this fix reveals that the same problem exists when "merging" filters, ie, when you set a filter (even via the "new" button in the filters dialog) and then select another filter from the filters menu.. the filter name is later changed to the last filter selected (but not right away).. not sure if its better to open a bug for this last one ("do not change name of filter when merging filters") or the first one ("filter name not updated right away when merging filters") ill let you guys decide what is best

in the mean time, heres a patch that should close this bug