Comment 30 for bug 1088612

Patrick Storz (ede123) wrote :

True, but there are some things, we have to sort through first, notably
1. Make building with MSYS2 official for trunk (I think were pretty much there, though)
2. Decide if we want to switch to MSYS2 for 0.92.x branch, too.

For both I'd still like some more people getting involved in testing / giving feedback...

Switching in 0.92.x would obviously have advantages, but it would require some effort (also with respect to packaging), so we should not rush things.
On the other hand, if we decide to switch eventually, we should not wait for too long, to get extensive testing going as soon as possible.

If I get around to it I'll update 0.92.x branch to support building with MSYS2, push some testing builds and create a bug to track progress this weekend.