Comment 13 for bug 1088612

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

Deprecations specific to the Win32 version are now fixed. The remaining diff file deals with GTK/GTKMM synchronization issue in the Opensuse repo.
There are still issues with ImageMagick (something wrong with the devlib package) and Aspell (not available in the repo, and difficult to compile on Windows XP), and some other bugs that I'm going to report separately.

Test version available:

Note that the experimental devlibs ( also work with GTK2 (build.xml.gtk2).
I'm currently working on a 64 bits version of the experimental devlibs (no link yet), also based on the Opensuse cross-compiled files. But since I have no 64 bits Windows OS, I'll need some help from other devs to compile missing libs and test.