Comment 1 for bug 1088612

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

> 1. Providing the required libraries in devlibs

Theoretically, we just need to add the required gtk3 and gtkmm3 libs, and share the other libs between gtk2 and gtk3 builds..
Unfortunately, gtk3 requires that we also update lots of our dependencies, starting with glib (the last time I checked, there were issues when compiling it on win32 with mingw).

Another option would be to use cross-compiled libs from OpenSuse ( I did some tests last July. Inkscape compiled correctly but failed to run (see Very likely a compiler issue.

2. Providing suitable config file(s) in Inkscape

Almost all the changes need to be done in the build.xml file. Note that there are some deprecations in the win32 specific code (filedialogimpl-win32) and that gdl needs to be tweaked a bit.

> I guess we could provide a separate "testing" branch for windows

I'd rather provide a testing branch for the devlibs only, and provide a patch for the changes that need to be applied to Inkscape-trunk.