Comment 0 for bug 1071833

JPi (ajuanpi) wrote :

The jitter nodes extension wasn't working as expected.

It basically generated a random displacement vector and added that to the nodes.

The angle was chosen form a uniform distribution and the radious set using the user provided values. Therefore the option use normal distribution was useless. Also random number where calculated with different distributions but never used.

I re-wrote the randomize subfunction to generate displacements according to different distributions. Specially I added two long tailed distributions to get spiky jitter (I will create some tutorials using them).

Consequently I also updated the associated .inx file.

Since the changes are considerable I decided to rename the function to jitternodes. I added my name to the Copyright and kept the original author as well.

This version of the extension is, imho, more practical than the previous one.

Please let me know if you find any problems.