Comment 2 for bug 1006816

su_v (suv-lp) wrote :

Reproduced in a second row of tests: the trigger appears to having the filter editor opened when quitting Inkscape and its state remembered between sessions.

Steps to reproduce (with default preferences):
1) launch inkscape (without file) -> opens a new default document
2) draw an object and apply a filter effect.
3) open filter editor
4) quit inkscape
5) launch inkscape (without file) -> empty new document, with the filter editor open in the dock
6) open last edited file via 'File > Open recent…'
6) deactivate current filter effect for the object
7) add new predefined filter effect from the menu

-> newly added filter effect is initially not added to the lost of existing filter definitions in the filter editor.

The problem does not occur if the filter editor is opened and closed within the current editing session.