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Sorry, but i'm not able to test anything, as my computer (and my economy) is broken after the Bangkok flooding. It will take a while before my economy is recovered, so I can bye a computer again.

The water went a few cm higher then my computer could withstand, but there may be a chance it can be repaired, when I get time to look at it.

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Some quite recent builds for Windows are available at
Could you please confirm the bug is fixed with the dev version?

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  Stylus entered coordinates are wrong

Status in Inkscape: A Vector Drawing Tool:
Status in Inkscape Devlibs for Windows:

Bug description:
  On XP r10305 and all versions since gtk was updated in may.

  First set of coordinates are entered with a normal mouse, second set
  with the Wacom stylus:

         d="M 186.06633,473.62339 549.74144,337.0942"
         d="m 198.30732,-417084660 c -0.0197,0 361.77073,-140 361.61331,-140"

  When the error occurs, the following console output appears.

  (inkscape.exe:2844): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from
  `(null)' to `GdkWindow'

  Sorry, I can't test with my Wacom mouse, it's broken.

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