Comment 4 for bug 1252719

jazzynico (jazzynico) wrote :

Some details on crash 1:
* It's not due to the length of the path, but on the special character in "Échantillons d'images".
* The path seems to be wrong indeed, and that's the reason why the code goes to the ImageMagick fallback (it should be correctly opened by the jfif function). It's not specific to the devlibs, but affects the Inkscape trunk.
* It crashes in the IM fallback because the try/catch block doesn't catch the exception (with the official devlibs, the exception is caught and ignored, and thus the imported image has a default resolution).

Thus we have two bugs for crash 1:
1.a. Wrong path when there are special characters (Inkscape trunk). Doesn't lead to a crash itself, but prevent the import code from using the image resolution.
1.b. Exception not caught in the IM fallback (devlibs-gtk3), that causes the crash.