Activity log for bug #740806

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2011-03-23 08:43:20 Matthew Paul Thomas bug added bug
2011-03-23 08:44:34 Matthew Paul Thomas summary "Add Appointment" is missing ellipsis "Add Appointment" should be "Add Event…"
2011-03-23 08:45:06 Matthew Paul Thomas description Binary package hint: indicator-datetime "Add Appointment" requires further input to carry out that task, so it should be "Add Appointment…" "Add Appointment" should be "Add Event…". <>
2011-03-23 10:26:12 Matthew Paul Thomas tags sniffles
2011-03-23 12:05:03 Karl Lattimer branch linked lp:~karl-qdh/indicator-datetime/sniffles
2011-03-23 12:05:08 Karl Lattimer indicator-datetime (Ubuntu): assignee Karl Lattimer (karl-qdh)
2011-03-23 15:01:23 Ted Gould bug task added indicator-datetime
2011-03-23 15:01:37 Ted Gould indicator-datetime: status New Fix Committed
2011-03-23 21:06:37 Ted Gould indicator-datetime: milestone 0.2.0
2011-03-23 21:14:05 Ted Gould indicator-datetime: status Fix Committed Fix Released
2011-03-23 21:18:20 Karl Lattimer indicator-datetime (Ubuntu): status New Fix Released
2011-03-23 21:23:24 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-datetime/ubuntu
2011-03-23 23:14:18 Launchpad Janitor branch linked lp:ubuntu/indicator-datetime