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Bug #1845584: intel-lpss driver conflicts with write-combining MTRR region Undecided New 3 weeks

From: AceLan Kao
Link: 0001-mfd-intel-lpss-add-quirk-for-Dell-XPS-13-7390-2-in-1.patch


Bug #1842388: Timeout waiting for hardware access (CSR_GP_CNTRL 0xffffffff) with backport-iwlwifi-dkms 7744 against 4.15.0-1051-oem Undecided New 7 weeks

From: AceLan Kao
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-PCI-PM-Don-t-call-pci_finish_runtime_su.patch


Bug #1840236: Horizontal corrupted line at top of screen caused by framebuffer compression Undecided New 8 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-drm-i915-fbc-disable-framebuffer-compression-on-IceL.patch


Bug #1834138: PA: Don't restore the streams to sinks/sources with only unavailable ports Undecided New 12 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: pulseaudio_11.1-1ubuntu7.4.debdiff


Bug #1833484: Sometimes touchpad automatically trigger double click Undecided Triaged 17 weeks

From: AceLan Kao
Link: v2-0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-i2c-designware-Add-disable-runtime-p.patch


Bug #1786574: remove i2c-i801 from blacklist Critical In Progress 23 weeks

From: AaronMa
Link: 0002-Input-synaptics-remove-X240-from-the-topbuttonpad-li.patch


Bug #1825074: amdgpu resume failure: failed to allocate wb slot Undecided New 26 weeks

From: You-Sheng Yang
Link: 0001-drm-amdgpu-dump-amdgpu_wb-usage.patch


Bug #1715586: Fix shrinking behavior in rrCheckPixmapBounding Undecided New 110 weeks

From: Kai-Heng Feng
Link: lp1715586.debdiff


Bug #1643812: There is no entry in 'Play sound through' list when plug in headset jack [8086:9d70]. Undecided New 152 weeks

From: Bin Li
Link: multiple_jacks.patch


Bug #1396429: [Lenovo ThinkPad ?40 series] Wireless key cannot turn BT off Low Triaged 244 weeks

From: Adam Lee
Link: 0001-respond-Lenovo-ThinkPad-40-series-Fn-F8.patch


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