Comment 13 for bug 1786574

On Wed, 19 Sep 2018 at 22:01,  Christian Ehrhardt  <
<email address hidden>> wrote:

> Hi,
> first of all this package seems to have quite some issues in the merges
> that are done - it doesn't list all remaining changes and the i2c blacklist
> is one of them.
> It comes from like back in 2005 and I agree, it might or is safe to be
> removed.
> Thanks to Stefan Bader for cleaning this up, as the MP linked here has
> e.g. on changelog entries.
> I'd ack to his branch at [1] for Cosmic, is it would be an MP to ack on.


> But for the actual sponsoring, as I never really touched kmod before I'd
> be happy if you'd ask one of the foundations Team that is here this week
> that touched it recently as they might have extra considerations. OTOH
> the change really looks right for cosmic IMHO, so if no one responds get
> back to me.
> SRUs of this are quite a different topic for the following reasons:
> - if the issues still exists, it might regress somebody due to the SRU
> then.
> - If you can prove that the old issue really does no more exist with e.g.
> the oldest kernel in Bionic, then it might be done. But you'd have to
> outline that in detail when completing the SRU template for this bug [2]
> Without the prove I'd be concerned and as a SRU member would reject it, so
> really make sure you
> get this documented right.

I have added the SRU justification, hope that helps.