Comment 1 for bug 531400

Dylan McCall (dylanmccall) wrote :

Should we file the "terrible filenames" part as a separate bug report? It strikes me as very odd. We have amazing support for all sorts of characters in file names, and it's fun to point it out. Spaces are not a problem! "Maxwell's_equations.odt" has a considerably riskier character: a single quote ;)

On another note, I think the use of final products that open in viewers really misses potential value of the Examples folder. Someone may look at it and think "hey, cool pictures!" but they aren't going to walk away feeling that they can do more with Ubuntu. At best they'll be mystified, wondering how the products they saw were created but nowhere closer to making them for themselves.

Instead of a bunch of .jpg files, how about a .xcf file? That way it opens in GIMP and the user is granted an immediate hands on view of what that application does, as well as how it works with a finished product. More inviting, and possibly more educational, than the usual blank canvas.