Comment 8 for bug 504405

Jud Craft (craftjml+ubuntulp) wrote :

David, you are very kind and ego-boosting. However, as a non-developer with no physical stake or contribution in the GNOME community, it is not my place to bring up a discussion on changing HIG.

In addition, a discussion on this very issue has already hit gnome-desktop-devel-list (google for "On ctrl+tab"), and although I did try to contribute to it, I may have in fact helped derail it into a side-issue. Debates on the policy for a major open source framework are not the place for casual fly-by hobbyists. They really aren't. They need to be made by the actual developers and designers.

I remain convinced that as Ubuntu continues to improve, GNOME will improve as well, and I look forward to using both in the future. If you pursue any of this yourself, you are more than welcome to use any of my points as your own, since they aren't mine - I consider them to be common sense and evident.

I secretly fear that it will take a great effort that casual discussion will not bring - the offending problem is within GTK, and GTK to my eyes is a developer's world, not even a designer's world.