Comment 16 for bug 392265

I was directed here because I filed a duplicate. I'm personally not too thrilled with the current (presumably final) icons for Karmic. Now that I know what to look for, I definitely notice the difference between new messages and no new messages if I explicitly look, but I actually had to observe the icon after installing Karmic to see that there was a difference, and it is definitely not something that catches the eye if you are not looking for it, and I dread to think how it would work for someone with poor eyesight. (Yes, I know, they can select another theme, but still.)

I'm afraid that I don't have any really good suggestions about how it could be improved, other than perhaps expanding it as far as it will go when there are new messages. (Well, actually I do have a suggestion - to keep a floating "You have new messages" displayed until there aren't any - but I know that that suggestion won't fare very well :) )