Comment 11 for bug 392265

As the originator of this bug, I want to log a few comments.

I do not believe the current proposed solution addresses the issue. The difference between a gray icon and slightly bolder version is still too similar. It's actually worse that the Jaunty release in my opinion. In all fairness, I'm just commenting on the screenshots and images, not the actual beta.

Is there a reason that some color cannot be used? The version in Jaunty had a yellow star, so it appears that color was acceptable in past releases.

I think the inverted icon comes much closer to achieving the desired effect, but in my opinion color would be preferable. I think the old star might even work if it were not pale yellow.

There might be design guidelines that I am not aware of for this release. If there are, certainly within those constraints it should be possible to make a visually distinct icon notifier.

I'm not a graphics person, otherwise I would submit some more ideas. Judging from the comments above, it appears that the currently proposed solution still needs work.