Comment 0 for bug 391479

Vish (vish) wrote :

At present, the behavior of synaptic manager/update manager is huge disruption to workflow>

To recreate:
 Select to update/install software in desktop 1 , now while the downloads and installation occurs Switch to a different desktop > On completion of the process the child windows pop-up in the user's present desktop[just to inform completion or error] and grabs focus , instead of remaining in the desktop 1

The problem with this is:
1: The child window very much disturbs the user's work by grabbing attention from the user's work[comes to the foreground]
2: The child window doesnt show up in the window list
3: If the users switches to his work , and later tries to return to the synaptic/update manager in the desktop 1 , the child window is not there! And therefore the synaptic/update manager cannot be closed without closing the child window [which is complicated by the child window not being displayed in the window list] so he has to search where the child window is beneath all his work windows and has o check all the desktops!

To have an acceptable behavior :
1: Child window ALWAYS remains in the same desktop as the parent window[since the parent window is displayed in the window list].
2: Instead of grabbing attention from the user's work , a simple Notify-osd Bubble saying "Installation Done/ Updates finished/Error" can be displayed.

PS: I'v labelled this as a papercut since I believe this can be done easily by preventing focus and displaying notify-osd bubble , by the devs who are familiar with the 2 packages.