Comment 6 for bug 386150

Vadim, I'm not sure who you're quoting, but it mischaracterizes the spirit of my

It's a fallacy of tradition to assume that Nautilus was carefully designed, and
is good just the way it is, simply because that's how it's configured in GNOME.
If you look in Nautilus's view menu, you'll see that you can optionally hide
most of its graphical elements. The default configuration simply turns all of
these optional elements on. This seems less like a well-chosen default
configuration, and more like the inclusion of everything and the kitchen sink.

We have an opportunity to improve the usability of Nautilus, and we will work
together with upstreams to make these improvements in concert. I am not
suggesting that Firefox is perfect and we should copy it exactly. I am
suggesting Nautilus may be easily improved, and if that's the case, we should
improve it.