Comment 141 for bug 386150

I hope you guys are not serious about inflicting this on your users.

If you want to simplify things, the gnome guys already did it for you years ago, with spatial nautilus (you know, the default nautilus mode that Ubuntu specifically patched out to not be the default?), which was the hallmark of simplicity/minimalism/usability* (and is the default in Fedora, from what I've seen).

Crippling the "browser mode" of nautilus (which is for users that can't stand spatial nautilus' minimalism) will pretty much result in angering those users, and usability-conscious people just recommending others to avoid ubuntu desktops because Canonical keeps doing parallel work and doing away with the principles set forth by gnome (ignoring the desktop's toolbar label settings? seriously?!).

Unless gnome decides that this is the new canon that should be implemented on all apps, of course.

Just my warning/2 cents. I don't really care that much on a personal level, in the grand scheme of things, the people will decide if this is a good or bad thing, and I can still use spatial nautilus.