Comment 140 for bug 386150

I dislike the idea of a switching button, it seems indecisive.

If you take a look at the explorer breadcrumbs link i posted previously the
idea is that there is no need for a toggle button, click a location to go
back/forward, double click to convert to text, arrows in between to allow
branching from previous directory.

I do like the idea of moving Computer/Home to the Side Pane though, lots of
space eaten up needlessly otherwise.

I always find I use Up and Back more than I use forward though, might just
be me though :D

2009/7/21 ShawnJGoff <email address hidden>

> I much prefer the having the button to switch between breadcrumbs and
> text url. We're talking about getting rid of redundancy, if we have
> both, it's just plain horrible. If you use the button that switches the
> breadcrumbs to the text, it stays that way when you open nautilus next
> time. Also, if the breadcrumb buttons are changed as discussed above, it
> will be able to display more path.
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> Nautilus file browser toolbar is complicated, redundant, and ugly
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