Comment 13 for bug 386150

Alexander Hunziker wrote:
> In my opinion ignoring the gnome setting whether or not to show text
> labels in toolbars should not be ignored in nautilus. if users don't
> want text labels, they can set it accordingly system wide.

True, but we want a good, simple, intuitive default first, then the
option to change it by adding or modifying features.

> Personally, I use all of the UI elements in Nautilus regularly.
> Including the side pane, including the zooming icons. And I value the
> location bar very much, that's one of the best features of nautilus.

So, if they were switched off by default (I'm not necessarily suggesting
they should), you could, according to your suggestion above, switch them
on system-wide.

> Please don't start overactively simplifying stuff without consensus and
> it being well thought through. Thanks!

We won't. This is something that needs testing and discussing. Any
opinions and suggestions are most welcome.