Comment 0 for bug 386150

By default, Nautilus's file browser displays a side pane, a status bar, and two toolbars (a "Main Toolbar" and a "Location Bar"), not to mention a menu bar and the content area itself. This presents the user with a huge amount of complexity. I asked myself a few questions while looking at the default file browser:

1. Back, forward, up, stop, reload, home, zoom, a location bar -- these are the same controls available in my web browser that I know and love. Why do they look so different here? They take up so much more space, and they occupy two toolbars where my web browser needs only one.

2. What does the Stop button do? Reload?

3. Why do back, forward, up, stop, etc. have text labels? They don't have text labels in Firefox. The icons are good -- I recognize the symbols and understand what the buttons do.

4. Why do I have "Home" and "Computer" buttons when the same functionality is available and made much more useful in the side pane? That seems redundant.

These questions prompted a very simple rearrangement of the default controls (see attachment simpler_nautilus.png).

1. It should be at least as simple to browse your local documents as it is to browse the Internet. I've combined the Navigation and Location toolbars into one.

2. I removed Stop.

3. I remove labels. The icons are salient and tooltips are available.

4. I left the home and computer buttons untouched, but removed them in another mockup (simpler_nautilus.png).

What do you think? Can we simplify Nautilus, even if not this drastically?