Comment 17 for bug 1512111

Olivier Tilloy (osomon) wrote :

According to

« When authors would prefer to use a locally available copy of a given font and download it if it’s not, local() can be used. The locally-installed <family-name> argument to local() is a format-specific string that uniquely identifies a single font face within a larger family. Like its use in font-family, <family-name> can be a quoted string, or a series of unquoted identifiers which are converted to a face name by concatenating them separated by a space.
Just as a @font-face rule specifies the characteristics of a single font within a family, the unique name used with local() specifies a single font, not an entire font family »

So it looks like chromium is not behaving correctly. Neither is epiphany in my tests. Only firefox seems to implement that CSS rule correctly.