Comment 33 for bug 1273524

Russell Harper (eurorusty) wrote :

Can confirm on Lubuntu 15.04, clean install, issue is still there.

While the error message is shown, it prevents running of the script that warns about all files being temporary. When you close the error message, you get this warning right after. This rapid double interruption of an error followed by a warning is intimidating for guest users who may not be tech savvy.

On a slower machine, you can see this sequence of events leading up to the error message.

- login background displayed
- small rectangle for error message displayed, but no text
- desktop icons displayed (loaded from /skel)
- rectangle for error message gets larger, maybe adding borders
- custom background displayed (loaded from /skel)
- full error message with text and OK button displayed

Don't know if the above helps any, but the error message appears to be one of the first things that happens during the boot process, with its rendering delayed by other background tasks.