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SolidSteel144 (milesrdz) wrote :

System Tools
System Tools
Perhaps since they lack color...

Appearance- old icon, doesn't fit with newer ones
Bluetooth- old icon, would be great if it was done similarly to the "help" icon
Mouse- doesn't fit theme
Network Connection- doesn't fit them, perhaps a colored version of the one in the systray?
Network Proxy- doesn't fit theme
Palm OS Device- very much so doesn't fit theme
Sound- inconsistent with systray and overall theme
Windows- would fit better with the current desktop icon, but with another added screen in the background.
Language Support- Doesn't fit... Perhaps change the flags to the Karmic color scheme?
Log File Viewer- Needs to be revamped in my opinion
Time and Date- Revamped to fit overall theme

Great job with the theme so far, some more work and it would be perfect! :)