Comment 1 for bug 951763

Sanjay Kumar (sanjay-kumar14) wrote :

Hello Mike,

Thanks for reporting the issue. Please provide the output of the following command from the terminal.

                =>lsusb -d 03f0:032a -v | grep "bNumInterfaces"

If output is "bNumInterfaces 1", then the issue is because of enabled Smart install feature.If this is enabled, your device will be detected as CDRom from where you can install the software on windows. Unfortunately we don't support this feature in Linux However disabling it from Linux is under development. If you disable this feature on device, your device will be detected in Linux. So as a workaround to disable this you should have a windows machine and can follow the below steps.
1. Download the Full Driver for Windows from or
2. Run the exe, extract it to a folder.
3. Go to extracted folder/UTIL directory
4. Connect your device.
5. Run SIUtility.exe and follow the wizard to disable the feature.