Comment 5 for bug 608443

Till Kamppeter (till-kamppeter) wrote :

Nothing wrong in your troubleshooting output. No errors, the data seems to get sent out to the printer correctly.

Forwarding upstream.

Can someone of the HPLIP developers at HP look into this problem?

Mario, there is one thing which you can try:

Install the "hplip-cups" package, then open system-config-printer via "System" -> "Administration" -> "Printing". Right-click on your printer, choose "Properties" in the pop-up menu. In the window coming up then, click the "Change" button for make and model. Do not change manufacturer and model, simply click "Forward" on the page with the manufacturers and on the page with the models change only the driver in the list on the right to the one with "hpcups". Click "Forward" until you reach the last page and then click "Apply". Try to print again. Does it work now?