Comment 36 for bug 282186

The wrong margin settings in the PPDs will be taken care of by the HPLIP developer team at HP.

The 5 mm borders you get are indeed there because the printer is not set to full-bleed mode. To set it to full-bleed, you must set the "Quality" option to one of the full-bleed modes (this option is not reachable by the printing dialog of Adobe Reader, use system-config-printer for changing the default). Note that for getting printouts which go perfectly up to the borders the printer "oversprays" more or less 3 mm all around. Therefore the driver scales up the printout a little bit. This means that a little bit gets lost on the borders. For most photos this is no problem. But for putting text to touch the edges of the paper but not to run over them the full-bleed mode is not suitable.