Comment 0 for bug 282186

bash (1bash) wrote :

Binary package hint: foomatic-db-hpijs

Since I upgraded I experienced a strange printout bug. The printer normally leaves a margin of about 5 millimeter around the printout. Now since Intrepid it just cuts of about another 7 to 8 millimeters off at the top.

I attached a couple of pictures as PDFs. The testprintout.pdf is what I printed out once in Hardy and once in Intrepid. I attached the results as hardy and intrepid_printout. Also I printed out once the default test printout page. As you can clearly see, the lines that should go all around the document are just cut off.

The only hint about it, I got so far, is that when I print out the default test page, it says in the "Printer status" field in the "Printer properties" window the following: "No %%Pages: no comment in header!". I tried downloading the .ppd from, replacing the intrepid one with the one from Hardy, but nothing helped.

If you need any other debug info please say so, what and how.