HP PhotoSmart Pro B9100 Color Calibration does not work

Bug #213984 reported by Till Kamppeter on 2008-04-08
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Bug Description

I have the HP PhotoSmart Pro B9100 (connected via USB) which seems to be the wide (A3) version of the PhotoSmart Pro B8800. The latter is now officially supported, but the former has already an entry in models.dat with nearly the same settings, especially the same cartridges and print heads. For the B9100 I modified models.dat somewhat: color-cal-type=7 (3 does not make sense for a printer with 8 individual cartridges), support-type=2, support-ver=2.8.4 (pretend that it is officially supported). Now I try to do the color calibration from the hp-toolbox and the calibration page does not get printed. There is no error message. Running hp-colorcal on the command line in debug mode shows that only 2 bytes are sent to the printer (probably commands) but the printer seems to ignore them. See output below.

till@till-laptop:~/ubuntu/hplip/hplip-2.8.4$ HPLIP_DEBUG=1 hp-colorcal -pPhotosmart_Pro_B9100_series

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 2.8.4)
Printer Cartridge Color Calibration Utility ver. 2.2

Copyright (c) 2001-8 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, LP
This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to distribute it
under certain conditions. See COPYING file for more details.

hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Device URI: None
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Printer: Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Connecting to com.hplip.StatusService (try #1)...
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: URI: backend=hp, is_hp=True, bus=usb, model=Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series, serial=MY7143104604C1, dev=, host=, port=1
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Model/UI model: Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series/HP Photosmart Pro b9100 series
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Cache miss: photosmart_pro_b9100_series
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Reading file: /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Searching for section [photosmart_pro_b9100_series] in file /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Found section [photosmart_pro_b9100_series] in file /usr/share/hplip/data/models/models.dat
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Opening device: hp:/usb/Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series?serial=MY7143104604C1 (not for printing)
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: I/O mode=4
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: device-id=1
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Opened device: hp (backend=hp:/usb/Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series?serial=MY7143104604C1, is_hp=True, bus=usb, model=Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series, dev=, serial=MY7143104604C1, host=, port=1)
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Type 1/2 (S: or VSTATUS:) status
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Num pens=12
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: {'photo-tray': 0L, 'in-tray2': False, 'top-door': 1L, 'in-tray1': True, 'agents': [{'index': 0, 'kind': 1L, 'level': 0, 'ack': True, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 13, 'id': 23}, {'index': 1, 'kind': 1L, 'level': 0, 'ack': True, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 14, 'id': 23}, {'index': 2, 'kind': 1L, 'level': 0, 'ack': True, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 15, 'id': 23}, {'index': 3, 'kind': 1L, 'level': 0, 'ack': True, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 16, 'id': 23}, {'index': 4, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 76, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 7, 'id': 24}, {'index': 5, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 65, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 8, 'id': 24}, {'index': 6, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 70, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 6, 'id': 24}, {'index': 7, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 63, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 5, 'id': 24}, {'index': 8, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 73, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 4, 'id': 24}, {'index': 9, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 53, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 1, 'id': 24}, {'index': 10, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 75, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 17, 'id': 24}, {'index': 11, 'kind': 2L, 'level': 75, 'ack': False, 'hp-ink': False, 'dvc': 0L, 'level-trigger': 0, 'virgin': False, 'health': 0, 'known': False, 'type': 19, 'id': 24}], 'duplexer': 0L, 'supply-door': 1L, 'revision': 3, 'media-path': 0L, 'status-code': 1000}
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: {'dev-file': '', 'status-desc': 'The printer is idle.', 'is-hp': True, 'host': '', 'in-tray1': True, 'cups-printer': 'Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series', 'serial': 'MY7143104604C1', 'error-state': 0, 'device-state': 1, 'panel': 0, 'in-tray2': False, 'device-uri': 'hp:/usb/Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series?serial=MY7143104604C1', 'photo-tray': 0L, 'panel-line1': '', 'panel-line2': '', 'back-end': 'hp', 'top-door': 1L, 'port': 1, 'deviceid': 'MFG:HP;MDL:Photosmart Pro B9100 series;CMD:MLC,PCL,PML,DW-PCL,DYN,DESKJET;1284.4DL,4d,4e,1;802.3;CLS:PRINTER;DES:HP Photosmart Pro B9100 series;SN:MY7143104604C1;S:038800C40000104100C8db800008eb800008fb8000090b8000047c0024c48c0024146c0024645c0023f44c0024941c0023551c0024b53c0024b;Z:05000001000001000001000001000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,07000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,08010001002e23f2,0901,0c000000;', 'cups-uri': 'hp:/usb/Photosmart_Pro_B9100_series?serial=MY7143104604C1', 'duplexer': 0L, 'supply-door': 1L, 'status-code': 1000, 'media-path': 0L, 'revision': 3}
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Color calibration type=7
A page will be printed.
Please load HP Advanced Photo Paper - Glossy into the printer. Press <enter> to continue or 'q' to quit:
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Opening HP-MESSAGE channel...
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: channel-id=1
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: PML/SNMP SET (result code = 0x85) to: '\x05\x80'
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Closing HP-MESSAGE channel...
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Closing device...
hp-colorcal[19291]: debug: Result-code = 0


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