Ghostscript is called with wrong device model for HP OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z

Bug #1096418 reported by jeadorf on 2013-01-05
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Bug Description

Recently, my HP Officejet 6500 e710n-z printer stopped working. I am using the following driver.

Driver: HP Officejet 6500 e710n-z hpijs, 3.12.11 (color, 2-sided printing)
Connection: hp:/net/Officejet_6500_E710n-z?ip=

The printer is accessible, since it printed a one-liner saying

**** Unable to open the initial device.

Checking /var/log/cups/error_log, I found the following

D [05/Jan/2013:18:28:32 +0100] [Job 414] File contains 1 pages
D [05/Jan/2013:18:28:32 +0100] [Job 414] Starting renderer with command: gs -dFirstPage=1 -q -dBATCH -dPARANOIDSAFER -dQUIET -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ijs -sIjsServer=hpijs -dDEVICEWIDTHPOINTS=612 -dDEVICEHEIGHTPOINTS=792 -sDeviceManufacturer="HEWLETT-PACKARD" -sDeviceModel="HP Color LaserJet 2600n" -dDuplex=false -r300 -sIjsParams=Quality:Quality=0,Quality:ColorMode=2,Quality:MediaType=0,Quality:PenSet=2,PS:MediaPosition=7 -dIjsUseOutputFD -sOutputFile=- /var/spool/cups/tmp/foomatic-VPSJuV

The device model passed to ghostscript is a laser jet. However, as stated above, I am using an OfficeJet and have carefully selected the right PPD file while adding the printer via CUPS web interface. It is my only printer managed by CUPS and accessible in my network. Consulting the diagrams and, I think this must be a mistake in either HPLIP or CUPS. Later in the log file, the following two lines appear:

D [05/Jan/2013:18:28:32 +0100] [Job 414] prnt/hpijs/hpijs.cpp 269: unable to set device=HP Color LaserJet 2600n, err=48
D [05/Jan/2013:18:28:32 +0100] [Job 414] prnt/hpijs/hpijs.cpp 290: unable to set device=HP Color LaserJet 2600n, err=48

My hp-check runs without errors (except for optional dependencies). I have an up-to-date system with very recent versions of CUPS and HPLIP.

cups 1.6.1
hplip 3.12.11
ghostscript 9.06

jeadorf (jeadorf) wrote :
jeadorf (jeadorf) wrote :
Sanjay Kumar (sanjay-kumar14) wrote :

Thanks for reporting the issue in HPLIP. HPIJS ppds are no more tested by HP. Please use hpcups ppds. Procedure is mentioned below..
=> Download and install the latest HPLIP release from (automatic installer) or (manual installation, if automatic installer does not work)
=> run "hp-check --fix" command in the terminal if manual installation is done
=> Reconfigure print queue with the commands in the terminal mentioned below.
       => system-config-printer (remove all print queues)
      => su -c "hp-plugin"
      => sudo hp-plugin (This will download right plugin)
       => hp-setup (It should not be run in a root mode. This command is adding print queue, make sure you select ppd name having "-ps" or "hpcups" substring)
=>Try printing now.
If problem does not get solved then please run following command to capture the logs and send the logs.
$su -c "hp-logcapture"
=>Document used for printing.
=>Scaned copy of printed document.

jeadorf (jeadorf) wrote :

Thank you for your response.

I used the hpcups driver in parallel to the hpijs driver. I had preferred the hpijs driver because duplex printing was never a problem with hpijs.

I followed your advice, and ran both hp-plugin and hp-setup, using the PPD file /usr/share/ppd/HP/hp-officejet_6500_e710n-z.ppd.gz. For the record, this results CUPS web interface to report the driver

HP Officejet 6500 e710n-z, hpcups 3.12.11

Printing works fine. I consider duplex printing with HPCUPS to be a separate issue.

jeadorf (jeadorf) wrote :

Is there a way to find out that HPIJS is no longer supported? Finding out the hard way has been quite time-consuming, and in future I would somehow prefer to know before I am starting to debug technology that has become obsolete. Still, thank you very much for providing a solution!

Sanjay Kumar (sanjay-kumar14) wrote :


If you install latest HPLIP release from then hpcups ppds will be always selected. As far as duplex printing in hpcups is concerned, can you install duplex unit from cups web interface.

1) Open localhost:631 in the browser
2) Select print queue
3) Select Administration and then select set default option
4) Select Options installed -> Duplexer unit and enable it.


jeadorf (jeadorf) wrote :

Thank you very much. Printer, scanner, and duplex unit work like a charme.

Sanjay Kumar (sanjay-kumar14) wrote :

Changing status to invalid because no code change was done to solve the issue.

Changed in hplip:
status: New → Invalid
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