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Bug #1746828: pike customise and configure dashboard guide is wrong Undecided New 9 weeks
Bug #1897253: Password requirement check on user create / change incomplete Undecided In Progress 195 weeks

From: Walter
Link: suggested fix

Bug #1780164: httpd leaks open files Undecided Confirmed 302 weeks
Bug #1775170: [SRU] Fixing empty create swift container dialog after upgrading horizon from newton to ocata Undecided New 314 weeks
Bug #1724598: DOS : API_RESULT_LIMIT does not work for swift objects Undecided In Progress 346 weeks
Bug #1655560: Horizon doesn't obtain domain scoped tokens for users coming through websso Medium Triaged 388 weeks
Bug #1647399: issue with non listing snapshots in images list in rebuild instance window Medium Triaged 393 weeks
Bug #1640516: Router Usage not displayed in Usage summary Wishlist In Progress 397 weeks
Bug #1640019: table text should be placed over progress image Low Triaged 397 weeks
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