Comment 5 for bug 1336317

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit f8e595b0fa4d88bf764e13e7f871e0a0f05a8fde
Author: Timur Sufiev <email address hidden>
Date: Fri Oct 24 20:14:46 2014 +0400

    Sort images list in ascending alphabetical order

    Move most of the pagination-logic to `api.glance.image_list_detailed`,
    thus making code in Admin/Project->Images->get_data() less confusing
    (and remove hard-coded 'asc'|'desc' values).

    Also prepare to get images both from glanceclient.v1 and
    glanceclient.v2 (which doesn't set `is_public` attr on images using
    `visibility` attr instead).

    Change-Id: Ibe6d3dd1e94a1d1fbf95382599a5f53c3559ce5a
    Closes-Bug: #1534670
    Closes-Bug: #1336317