Activity log for bug #1231330

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2013-09-26 08:55:02 Christian Berendt bug added bug
2013-09-29 19:34:14 Akihiro Motoki horizon: milestone next
2013-09-29 19:34:18 Akihiro Motoki horizon: importance Undecided Wishlist
2013-09-29 19:34:31 Akihiro Motoki horizon: status New Confirmed
2013-10-20 20:39:51 Akihiro Motoki tags topology-view
2013-12-10 17:16:20 Andres Buraschi bug added subscriber Andres Buraschi
2013-12-28 19:29:08 Michiel Muhlenbaumer bug added subscriber Michiel Muhlenbaumer
2017-10-10 10:48:53 Akihiro Motoki summary load balancers not shown in network topology pluggable mechanism of network topology to support more types of resources
2017-10-31 07:48:03 Yushiro FURUKAWA bug task added neutron-fwaas-dashboard