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Bug #1766033 reported by Kalico on 2018-04-21
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I'm a new-ish user of HomeBank and have switched to it because GNUcash and KMyMoney seem too complicated (the latter just seems difficult to install, from an ex-Windows user perspective).

Thank you for making HomeBank and for making it easy for a novice to get to grips with. The suggestion I have is:....

Now I have ALL of my life on HomeBank, I have anxiety that it is secure!

It does not seem to do regular saves/backups and there seems to be little checking that transactions are not duplicated or not saved correctly/fully.

Just recently, DropBox went 'wrong' and moved my files. When I loaded HomeBank, all the data looked old, which it was because the file it had opened was an old one. But there was zero indication that there might be something wrong. If I had entered lots of new transactions, I would have been kaput!

Luckily, because I don't feel trust for the program, I always write down the latest balance figure before I save and close the file I have been working on. When I open it, I check against what I have written down. It is some little thing to increase my feeling of solid-ness. But it would be better if HomeBank had these features built-in.

The best way I can describe it is like how a Microsoft Windows user 'FEELS' when they start using Ubuntu/Linux. One 'feels' that the OS is rock solid and will not crash (and it rarely does, compared to Windows). It is hard to explain why, but my WISH is that HomeBank works on getting these checking/security features right, so a user can be confident that the data is secure, it's the right data that was worked on last time (maybe save the filesize/date of the last file that was worked on and ask the user if they are sure they are loading the correct file of a certain filename).

I hope this helps. I think HB is great, but it could be Awesome! Thank you.

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) wrote :


For now there is only a single backup, but I have implemented a quicken like feature in v5.2.
A sanity check is done regularly on your file already.

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