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Bug #1673260 reported by Jeff Fortin Tam on 2017-03-15
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These days I have accounts set up in various currencies in Homebank. However, the only way I found/imagined for representing conversions (forex by moving funds from one account to another) is to create a manual debit and credit transaction with both accounts, and annotate the exchange rate manually in the transaction's "info" field.

I thought "that's a bit of a pain, but this kinda works, I suppose"... until I realized today that those transactions will mess up Homebank's statistics... because they appear as debits/credits, uncategorized. I "could" create two transaction categories for "Forex", but they would still skew off my statistics, as if I had made huge income/expenses every year even though it's money that never really moved...

So I'd love to have a better way to represent this in Homebank. Should this be a new "transaction type", with special rules (ie: you set the source amount, then either the selling conversion rate or the converted destination amount?), or should it be represented in statistics as some special multi-currencies calculation, or...?

Also worth mentioning: I can't just pull off the global currency exchange rate from the Internet via Homebank, because I want to look at the rate of my bank (which is always around 2.5% lower or higher than the market rate, depending on which way you're converting)... so currently I end up maintaining a separate spreadsheet of the currency exchange rate "when I received the money in the account matching the origin currency" and the currency exchange rate of "whatever amount I converted at a given time" (which also lets me guess when is a good time to convert or not)...

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) on 2017-05-01
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LeTic (letic) wrote :

Hello @kiddo,

This has already been discussed in issue #552565 more specifically in these two comments : https://bugs.launchpad.net/homebank/+bug/552565/comments/35 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/homebank/+bug/552565/comments/41

At the time Maxime didn't wanted to delay the release of multi-currency as it has been a long time requested feature.

I am not sure if he's willing to implement this in homebank as he argued that most users are not interested by this. I had a look at the code to see if I could help but the architecture seems quite complicated and it is not clear how difficult this would be to implement.

@mdoyen would you consider adding xfer in different currencies to homebank ?

Take care

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) wrote :

So the need is to enable a xfer that keep (sealed) the exchange rate from source to target ?
Or is that more complex?

Jeff Fortin Tam (kiddo) wrote :

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "enable a transfer that keeps/seals the exchange rate from source to target", but here's what I want in other words:

- a transaction "type" that links two transactions with differing amounts (ex: 100 USD in one transaction linked to the corresponding 130 CAD transaction in a different account). Basically like the existing "Internal transfer" transaction type/feature, but allowing for diverging amounts and currencies on the two linked transactions.

- for those two transactions to not be counted in the statistics (or to have some sort of treatment that doesn't skew the stats like it does right now)

If that's what you're asking: no need to have homebank calculate forex, I just want to enter both amounts manually (because that's dependent on my banks etc., so I take whatever amounts they give me). No need for me to enter/use an exchange "rate", even; just input currency1 amount, output currency2 amount...

rugk (48509946-3) wrote :

So in times of *very* volatile cryptocurrencies, I think this is really important. :D

So currently you can already add an exchange rate, but to the currency, not to the transaction, so this may be the "only" thing, which needs to be changed.

See https://bugs.launchpad.net/homebank/+bug/1749473 for my bug report.

mikka (kharinoff) wrote :

Hi! Just wanted to say that I really need it feature in HomeBank!
Without option to transfer money between accounts in different currencies, the statistics shows wrong things...

Anyway, thanks a lot for HomeBank!

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) wrote :

What maybe a compromise is to implement this the way it is in mmex (money manager ex).

=> For a xfer you have an advanced mode when you can input a different value by yourself for the target account, and so have different amount.

What do you think guys ?

summary: - wish: "Forex / currency conversion" transaction types
+ wish: internal transfer with different currency
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Jeff Fortin Tam (kiddo) wrote :

That could work I guess, especially if there's a way, when exporting to CSV with homebank, for Homebank to automatically calculate the exchange rates based on the two (source and destination) amounts of the "advanced" transaction (since the "accounts" have the notion of currency anyway)

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rugk (48509946-3) wrote :

Don't exactly understand it, but instead of manually entering a different value for the currency, it can, of course, (by default) take the currency conversion one you entered in the currencies window of HomeBank.

Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) on 2019-05-11
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Maxime DOYEN (mdoyen) wrote :

@rugk: this is obvious that the amount would be prefilled in that case

Matt (blunt21) wrote :

This feature would be neat!

Peter (armin.owen) wrote :

I Am voting for this feature. The different currencies in internal transactions with entering values manually should be enough for the start. HomeBank is best.

Ugur Ates (uuuur) wrote :

Having this feature even with manual entry would be very good.

Andrej B. (andrej-b) wrote :

I do not know how to upvote for this wish, but I would like to upvote for it.

RaZario (razario) wrote :

I am for this feature!
So that we can edit the internal translation (as it is done in MMEX)

Kveldúlfur (kvelds91) wrote :

+1 from me for an idea:)

I make a lot of transfers between GBP, EUR and PLN and would be nice if would be in "Add transaction/transfer" option to type input amount and output amount in second currency, or typing exchange rate of the transaction. For now I just have to make manually two transactions - on first account as 'Expense' and on another as 'Income' and put details (description etc) of transaction two times, adding also categories to them (sample attatched). Ok, it's fine when you have just efx from time to time. But not when efx transactions are often xD

Anyway very goob job with the app! And keep it up!

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