Comment 2 for bug 653302

This sounds like an excellent idea to me!

On 10/01/2010 03:05 PM, m00dawg wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> This is a feature request (not a bug)
> Currently, to change the size of the InnoDB log_files, the server must
> be shutdown properly, logs removed, config changes, and the server
> started back up. It seems like InnoDB (or Drizzle) could handle this
> automatically because the steps are actually quite mundane.
> My thought is that InnoDB/Drizzle could check the innodb.log-file-size
> variable and, if different than the size of the ib_logfile* files,
> simply copy the existing files elsewhere, generate the new logs,
> populate the new logs with the contents of the old files, then drop the
> old files. BOOM!
> While Drizzle improves on MySQL by having the server die when there is a
> mismatch, the above would totally make the issue moot. Same holds true
> for the log-files-in-group setting.
> Just a thought :)
> ** Affects: drizzle
> Importance: Undecided
> Status: New
> ** Bug watch added: MySQL Bug System #57190