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Bug #805452 reported by Matthias Fasching on 2011-07-04
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Gwibber Google+ Plugin

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Google offers now a similar service to Facebook called Google+. I would love to see it integrated into Gwibber!

Christian Hintze (hintze) wrote :

i second that.. or maybe google+ is just going to connect G+ with twitter/ nertheless, would be nice to have the option :)

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Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) wrote :

Google plus API is not available now, but you can subscribe to developer's announce list
Also, I'll be glad to implement G+ plugin for gwibber when the API will be available.

Jane Hadley (jhadle) wrote :

Just joined Google+ and would love to have it on Gwibber. Maybe we should urge Google to make its API available ASAP.

shgysk8zer0 (shgysk8zer0) wrote :

I would expect that the API will not be released until after Google+ is out of testing. It would be smart of them, I think, to do so before. Now is the time for them to work on these things.

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

I have signed up to be notified, we definitely need to create a plugin for it as soon as the API exists.

@Sergey: Have you signed up to get notified? It would be great if you could create the plugin when it becomes available. Ping me if you need help, best to find me on IRC. #gwibber on Freenode

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Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) wrote :

@Ken, yes, I signed up to be notified.
And also I have an expirience on creating Gwibber plugins - I develop and support Gwibber plugin for which is works for many users in Russia, Ukraine etc., so, there is no problems implement another one)

Matze (matzman) on 2011-08-11
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bruno (bruninho-ro) wrote :

@Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr)
Orkut is a popular service that has no plugin for gwibber

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status: Confirmed → Invalid
tobias engelhardt (k5dq) wrote :

I have no plan about coding but I just found this article about unofficial g+ APIs for phyton, java, ... :

Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) wrote :

@tobas: yeah, this "API's" really non-oficial and don't allow post messages, as I understand - only retrieve user's feed.
Python "wrapper" is really ugly and based on parsing g+ UI backend, which can be non-stable. So, I think that use this non-oficial pseudo-api is not a good idea.

Jorge Castro (jorge) wrote :
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assignee: nobody → Ken VanDine (ken-vandine)

The Google+ API has been out for *several hours* now and still no support in Gwibber. Surely it must be because Linux sucks :-O

Oweoqi (oweoqi) wrote :

Google+ is currently read only.

Aemnas (rustyhaner) wrote :

Still, having a read plugin is better than nothing.

primefalcon (primefalcon) wrote :

Google plus is getting pretty popular, and I would prefer read only to nothing myself

Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) wrote :

A read-only plugin doesn’t serve for anything.

Let’s wait a bit until Google fully deploy the G+ API. Patience!

Kent Knudsen (forestmountain) wrote :

The API is now available here:

Kent Knudsen

Kent Knudsen (forestmountain) wrote :

Sorry, my mistake - it's still read-ony!

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

Even read-only, it would be great if someone could start working on the service plugin for it. It would be a start, I am currently trying to work out how the g+ concepts would integration in the UI, but that doesn't block the service work. Any volunteers to get it started?

Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) wrote :

I want to start developing a read-only G+ plugin in next few days

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

@seriy-pr: awesome!

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assignee: Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) → Ken VanDine (ken-vandine)
milestone: none → 3.4
Sergey Prokhorov (seriy-pr) wrote :

Uhh... I explored G+ API now and discovered, that it has only 3 methods (ok, ok, 8):

1) method to get MY posts (that I personally post on my wall) This is some kind related to gwibber.
2) method to get some user profile info This is practically non-related with gwibber.
3) method to get comments for posts. This is some kind needed for gwibber too.
+ methods for full-text search for posts.

But there is no gwibber main API method (except posting) - method to get my friends activities, like in page.

So, i'll not sure that there is a real need to start plugin development before /stream api will be added.

But there is a good news too: when I looked at API page about a week ago, there was only 3 methods. Now it's 8 methods in API. So, there is a good dynamics.

/sorry for my bad english...

Paul (p37307) wrote :

Definitely would make Gwibber more useful. I support it!

Aemnas (rustyhaner) wrote :

Well, I suppose we could ask Google. The API looks like it is getting more robust, but I still don't see a method for reading what users gwibber would have to obtain the stream of. I'm more of a designer than a programmer; I might have missed it.

Mark Magelky (froyoshark) wrote :

Yes! Gwibber needs Google+! I'd love to get notified of new posts instead of having to go on the website.

On-The-Fly (onthefly) wrote :

I'd be happy about a g+-support, even if it would only be rudimentary yet.

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Anne Marianne Vi (aniav) wrote :

I'm currently working on the Google+ support for Gwibber.
Development status: you can authorise with Google+ through OAuth 2.0 calls, your account information are being retreived, and the credentials are being saved. I think it needs just a few modifications to actually retreive content.
The source code is available on github:

@seriy-pr: please join me in development, I'd be happy with any help!

Sorry if this message shouldn't be placed here.

I really will love it too!

AlexanderFarrow (asfarrow) wrote :

aniav, I'd like to help out :)

Anne Marianne Vi (aniav) wrote :

I'll be happy with any help. Feel free to fork the project and send me a pull request with your changes ;)
I'll add a more specified ToDo list to the readme, just to let you know what has to be done.


Barry (barrymac) wrote :

This is a current issue asking for write access to the google plus stream

Vincent (vinnl) wrote :

People working on this (anyone? :) might be interested in the new developer page:

Hanine HAMZIOUI (hanynowsky) wrote :

It's believed the full API of Google+ won't be relesead after long. So for now, enabling a plugin for reading streams is of high importance. As Ken said, the plugin could be available through a PPA untill it's released by default in 12.10.

The API seems to be out..

Jacob Peddicord (jpeddicord) wrote :

Vitaly: "Note: The Google+ API currently provides read-only access to public data."

Unfortunately it seems third-party access is not a priority for Google.

Victor Andrade (vandrade89) wrote :

Is there at least a plug in out there that I can use for Google+?

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

Not yet, really just waiting for google. We'll be able to get a plugin working quickly once google provides an API

What's wrong with having read-only plugin? Just seeing the stream would be great for the first release.

Jan D (jandeyk-gmail) wrote :

I totally agree with Vitaly Korolev, desktop notification about new posts is the most essential function of Gwibber anyway.

Ken VanDine (ken-vandine) wrote :

The current read-only API only lets you see the things you post, not what is posted by people in your circles. The limitation is that there is no API for retrieving your circles, so the only content in your stream is what you've posted :(

Adolfo Jayme (fitojb) on 2012-12-22
no longer affects: ubuntu
primefalcon (primefalcon) wrote :

Wish google would hurry up already... but read only would be good too at least until the api is released

Tronde (tronde) wrote :

Well, this bug is as dead old as Google+. Does it still matter or should it be closed for good?

Bilal Shahid (s9iper1) wrote :

Closing it :)

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