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Bug #258010 reported by Jorge Castro on 2008-08-14
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gwibber should be network-manager aware so that when I connect to a network it triggers a sync, etc.

This might help:

Jorge Castro (jorge) on 2008-08-14
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Rory McCann (rorymcc) wrote :

I noticed this today. Probably the easiest thing would be to do a refresh when the network becomes available.

I don't know what happens if you try to submit an update while there is no network. Do you get an error? What should happen? Show an error? Don't actually do the update till there is no network?

If the network is connecting, how about freezing the interface/input box until there is an available network or no network. However if NM reports no network, gwibber should throw an error

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James Lewis (james-fsck) wrote :

It's a nice idea, but I use a few network options that don't appear in network manager, so while I support this, I'd want to see an option to override if desired....

It'd also be nice to have some kind of outbound message queue, I often seem to loose a message which doesn't get posted successfully for some reason.

osma (oa) wrote :

It's not just a "nice idea" - Gwibber is entirely unusable on a laptop suspending/resuming or changing networks frequently, because it fails to connect to anything. See the tickets market as duplicates of this for the details of why this is a bug, not a wishlist item.

Is this a hard one? If so, it might be worth un-duping one of the others and re-opening the socket if no data is read, to get a working solution out for laptop users.

Jason Kölker (jason-koelker) wrote :

I've started looking at this as I got annoyed at facebook trying to reauth every time NM took longer than a split second to connect.

Please checkout the code at: https://code.launchpad.net/~jason-koelker/gwibber/network-manager

James Lewis (james-fsck) wrote :

I suspend and switch networks a lot, and gwibber seems to be perpetually broken, and if I send a message with it, there's a good chance it will disappear forever and never be posted... I second Osma's comments above.

Jason Kölker (jason-koelker) wrote :

I've added a check to my branch which will make a popup appear if NM is not connected to at least notify the user. Please try it out and see how it works for you. I'm not sure of the best way to save the message and then post it back once connected. I'll have to think about that.

Can I just second this? My karmic is slow on picking up on my wireless network, so every day I'm greeted with the FB confirmation dialog, which does not help since I'm not even online to confirm my FB account.

harrydb (harrydeboer) wrote :

On a slightly related note, the window that is shown for fb when it not connected is euhm, well, huge.find a page is huge and does not have controls so it can only be closed by keyboard. Rest has been said above.

Julien Valroff (julienv) wrote :

I have just tested Gwibber 2.29.91~bzr628 and this issue still exists.
When resuming, it is however now impossible to send anything which is a (small) improvement.


naranco (naranco) wrote :

running gwibber on an up to date lucid system. issue still exists.

i need to kill the service before i can use gwibber again.

seems bug was opened nearly two years ago, and various other bug reports have been submitted on gwibber crashing after coming back from suspend.

Damian Nadales (dnadales) wrote :

The fact that Gwibber has this problem makes it rather unusable on a Laptop. I tend to do suspend/resume quite often, and Gwibber breaks most of the time.

What is worse is that you don't notice that something is wrong until your messages get lost. At least the application should store them somewhere. This "queuing upon failure mechanism" should be a basic feature.

Bilal Shahid (s9iper1) wrote :

Plugins can now be created out of tree, so this is a good candidate for creating a plugin. You can look at lp:gwibber-service-sina as an example, unfortunately we don't have plugin developer documentation yet. However, if you are interested in developing a plugin (shouldn't be too difficult), join us in #gwibber on FreeNode and we can try to guide you through it

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