Comment 8 for bug 619603

We are speaking about two different things here:
1- deleted tasks cause memory leak (medium importance)
2- long task text causes high memory usage and ui slowdown (high importance) - I think it was already reported, but I cannot find it.

I think we should split the bug

random remarks:
 - with 75 editors open -so 75 windows, I believe that an increase of memory usage arond ~30mb is quite expected, as we use a lot of gtk and x resources.
 - we need to load the task text to show in the browser window. We could just load the first line of text, and load the rest on demand. However, since we have backends, we cannot simply load from xml on demand, but we should have a disk cache. So, another class from which to fetch and store text, that keeps only some of them loaded in memory. That sounds like an interesting thing, I'd like to discuss how to do that in a nice way if we decide to go this way.